The cover of the 2015 Rice Annual Report.

2015 Rice Annual Report

This report highlights projects funded during the 2015–2016 funding cycle. We hope you find it enlightening and informative.

The cover of the 2015 Rice Variety Trials publication.

2015 Mississippi Rice Variety Trials

This reports rice yield as well as other data such as maturity date, plant height, lodging, reaction to disease and herbicides, and plant characteristics, depending on the crop.

2014 Rice Report cover 2014 Rice Research Report

This report highlights projects funded during the 2014–2015 funding cycle. We hope you find it enlightening and informative.






2011 cover small 2013 Rice Research Report

This report highlights projects funded during the 2013–2014 funding cycle. We hope you find it enlightening and informative.






2010 Rice Research Highlights cover2010 Rice Research Highlights

The Mississippi Rice Promotion Board is made of a group of 12 individuals appointed by the Governor of Mississippi to oversee the expenditure of funds generated by the state check-off program. In 2010, approximately $620,000 was granted to scientists to conduct research projects related to the disciplines of agronomy, breeding and genetics, pest management, soil fertility and water conservation. The 2010 edition of Research Highlights features many of the research projects conducted throughout the growing season. We hope that you will find this information beneficial to your individual farming operation. Please notify a promotion board member or contact one of the many scientists who are highlighted in this report if you have challenges on your farm that can be addressed through the research and extension efforts funded by your check-off dollars.

Thank you for your continued support of our rice industry through your service and check-off dollars.


Mississippi Rice Promotion Board

Ronnie Aguzzi
James Allison
Curtis Berry
Nolen Canon
Gip Carter
Marvin Cochran
Gary Fioranelli
Donald Gant
Tom Hollingsworth
Randy Howarth
Doug Simmons
Gibb Steele

Image of MS Rice Vaireity Trials, 2010 front coverMississippi Rice Variety Trials, 2010

In 2010, approximately 310,000 acres of rice were planted in the Delta counties of Mississippi. This represented a 27% increase in planted acreage from 2009 and ranked fourth in all-time highest planted acreage for Mississippi. The record planted acreage for Mississippi was 340,000 in 1981. Clearfield® varieties and hybrids were planted on approximately 60% of the total rice acreage. CL151 garnered the greatest Clearfield acreage at 30%. CL131 and CL111 were planted to approximately 8% and 3%, respectively. The percentage of hybrid rice acres in Mississippi was approximately 20%, of which the majority was planted to RiceTec Clearfield® hybrids such as CLXL745 and CLXL729. Cocodrie accounted for approximately 30% of the planted acreage, whereas Cheniere, Sabine, and Bowman were planted to approximately 7%, 2%, and 1%, respectively.

Insecticide Seed Treatments by Jeff Gore and Don Cook

Mississippi Rice Production by Nathan W. Buehring

Mississippi Rice Research Wrap-Up, 2009 by Timothy W. Walker

2008 Mississippi Rice Promotion Board Annual Research Highlights

Clearfield Cultivars for 2009

Mississippi's Rice Growers' Guide Mississippi's Rice Growers' Guide

September, 2008 - The Mississippi's Rice Grower's Guide provides an overview of Mississippi rice production practices. This publication includes the most recent research findings from Mississippi State University and other rice-growing states. The Mississippi Rice Promotion Board funded much of this information through grower check-off funds.